Welcome to Family INU: Uniting the World in Crypto

We're not just a cryptocurrency; we're a global family.

Family INU is more than just another meme coin; it's a movement, a community, and a digital family bound by a common vision: to create a thriving and inclusive crypto ecosystem for everyone.

Our Values: Unity, Trust, Prosperity

At the heart of Family INU are our core values. We believe in unity, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to create a global crypto family. Trust is our foundation, built on transparency, security, and a team dedicated to your success. And through these values, we aim to achieve prosperity for all our members.


Name: Family INU

Smart Contract: 0x9eD1dc81cDf57927aed0Ca5A3969E8D1C6e41b22

Symbol: FINU

Total Supply : 3,500,000,000,000

Team Token : 6% ( LOCKED)

Transaction Fees: 15%

Fees Distribution : 20% from total fee are automatically distributed to Current Holders, the balance 80% are automatically removed from total token supply.

Key Features

1. Generous Rewards: With a 20% total fee, every transaction benefits token holders. Holders are rewarded through our frictionless yield mechanism, earning more tokens with every transaction.

2.Retribution : 20% from the transaction fee are automatically distributed to current token holders, which holder would have to claim themselves .

3. Anti-Whale Mechanism: We've implemented measures to prevent large holders from dominating the ecosystem, ensuring fairness for all. Your investment is protected from manipulation.

4. Automatic Reduction of total supply : 80% from transaction fee are automatically remove from FINU total supply.

5. Staking for BUSD: Holders Would have have the opportunity to earn BUSD by staking their tokens, providing an additional way to increase your earnings.

6. Strong Team Commitment: With 6% of the total supply held and locked by the team, our interests are aligned with the community's long-term success. We're here for the journey, just like you.

Round 1 Fundraise:

$525,000 SGD Raised: Our project is off to a strong start, with $525,000 SGD already raised from private investors in our round 1 fundraiser.

Don't miss out on round 2

Pre-sale and Launch Prices:

Pre-sale Price: 1 BNB = 10,500,000,000 FINU

Launch Price: 1 BNB = 9,450,000,000 FINU


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Secured Partnership

Our Vision: A Global Crypto Family

Family INU's vision is to create a global crypto family where everyone is welcome, heard, and valued. Together, we aim to build a strong, prosperous, and united crypto community that benefits all its members.

Join Us Today: Become Part of the Family INU Revolution

Whether you're new to crypto or a seasoned investor, Family INU welcomes you with open arms. Join us today and be a part of a project that's more than just a coin; it's a movement, a family, and a bright future in the world of cryptocurrency.

Ready to unite with Family INU? Let's take this journey together.