Family INU Roadmap

(FEB - MAY 2023 ) Q1: Building the Foundation

Writing of Whitepaper: Create a comprehensive whitepaper outlining the project's vision, tokenomics, and technical details.

Incorporation in Singapore: Establish a legal entity in Singapore to ensure compliance and facilitate partnerships.

Launching of Website: Launch the official Family INU website as the central hub for project information and updates.

Round 1 Private Fundraising: Successfully raise 2.255 Singapore dollars in the first round of private fundraising to kickstart the project.

Social Media Launch: Establish a presence on social media platforms, including Twitter and Telegram, to engage with the community and provide regular updates.

( JUN 2023 -) Q2: Expansion and Partnerships

Apply for Partnership with Major Exchanges and Platforms: Seek partnerships with major exchanges like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and others to enhance visibility and credibility.

Designing of Smart Contract: Develop and audit the project's smart contract to ensure security and functionality.

Securing Partnerships: Secure partnerships with CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, BitMart, KuCoin, and other key players in the crypto space.

Hosting Round 2 Fundraising on PinkSale: Launch the second round of fundraising on PinkSale to raise additional funds for project development.

Deploying Staking Platform: Introduce a staking platform, allowing token holders to earn rewards by participating in the network.

Q3: Growth and Expansion

Launching Our DEX and CEX Exchange: Roll out Family INU's decentralized and centralized exchange platforms, providing users with secure and efficient trading options.

Launching Our Own Crypto Debit Card: Enable users to spend their Family INU tokens in real-world transactions through the project's crypto debit card.

Burning 20% of Total Supply: Execute a token burn, removing 20% of the total supply from circulation to enhance scarcity and value.

Getting Listed in More Exchanges: Continue efforts to secure listings on additional exchanges to broaden the token's accessibility and liquidity.

Deploying Our Own Blockchain: Take a significant step by launching the Family INU blockchain, offering advanced features and control over the network.

Q4: Ongoing Development and Expansion

NFT Integration: Explore opportunities in the NFT space, potentially integrating NFT functionality into the Family INU ecosystem.

Cross-Chain Compatibility: Work on enabling Family INU to interact seamlessly with other blockchains, enhancing interoperability.

Community Governance Enhancements: Continue refining community governance mechanisms and involve the community in decision-making processes.

Global Adoption: Focus on global marketing and adoption efforts to expand the Family INU community worldwide.

Education and Outreach: Host educational initiatives and outreach programs to raise awareness about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.